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Example 1: Wordpress Blog
Challenge: To create an engaging blog for Dee Farrell to attract new clients for her Travel and Tourism business. We also needed to allow her to socialize and interact with her existing clients.

Solution: We installed and customized a colorful Wordpress blog that Dee can make blog posts using a friendly user interface.
Example 2: Wordpress Blog
Challenge: Karen has several e-commerce sites that she needed to promote. She is an author, poet, chef, and teacher so we needed to incorporate all these passions into one site.

Solution: Dynamic blog customization and installation using the very popular Wordpress platform. This blog allows her to promote and drive traffic to her various websites.
Example 3: Wordpress Blog
Challenge: Purple Cat PR needed to create a cost effective blog presence where she could periodically post new offers and incentives to generate new leads.

Solution: Wordpress blog customization and installation where her promotions page is dynamic so that she can update different coupons and offers for new business.
  • Question: Why wouldn't I just use a free blog service like blogger?

  • Answer: Free services do not increase the page ranking of your site. When you make blog posts on these free services, you are increasing their page rank... NOT YOURS. You don't get the benefit of all the work you are doing unless you are hosting the blog on your own site. Finally, you are restricted to their limited design offerings.

Why Should You Have a Blog?

  • Express yourself by starting a personal blog or
  • Connect with clients and keep them up-to-date with your company.
  • Update and make posts to your site with no progamming experience with our easy-to-use web based interface.
  • Wordpress is a state-of-the-art blog publishing platform.
  • Ideally, websites have a blog to supplement the site; however, some clients choose to use a blog as their entire site.